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Data Warehouse

High-quality data repository of community based electronic medical records (EMR), billing data, and patient reported outcomes on up to 1,500,000 patients

  • Over a decade of real-world patient data from geographically diverse community oncology practices
  • Unstructured EMR documents backed by expert consensus providing gold standard values for key data elements
  • Superior data mining platform and expertise
  • Unique inclusion of patient-reported data from routine clinical practice

Our dataset includes approximately 1,500,000 patients, including more than 1,000,000 with identified cancer diagnoses. These data are drawn from geographically diverse, community oncology practices throughout the U.S., and represent the patients of hundreds of practicing medical oncologists. Vector Oncology has partnered with CancerLinQ to support Vector’s access to EMR data from certain of CancerLinq’s affiliated practices, which includes >100 cancer centers. With this agreement, Vector Oncology is positioned to offer a wider variety of real-world oncology research to help our clients demonstrate product value in the current market. Patient-reported outcomes data in our Data Warehouse are collected with the Patient Care Monitor™ (PCM) survey as part of routine care.  We have the unique ability to mine more than 500,000 PCM survey records that are directly linked to EMR clinical data of cancer patients in our Data Warehouse, providing unparalleled insight into the symptom burden and health-related quality of life for patients with cancer.  This unique asset will grow as we deploy the PCM into select practices in the CancerLinQ centers.

Data Curation

Vector Oncology utilizes a specialized team of data curation experts to provide high-quality, outcomes-focused, and patient-centered data which can be used to complement prospective studies, conduct retrospective research, or create tumor registries. Using a mixture of proprietary software, natural language processing (NLP), and human ingenuity, Vector Oncology’s Data Curation Services team can provide customized data sets with accuracy and efficiency. Data is pulled directly from source documentation from the electronic medical record (EMR), which allows the abstractor to capture the correct information within the context of each patient’s complex and individualized treatment story. Executing curation in this way also allows for better quality assurance (QA) processes and the creation of audit trails that can be used as part of submissions that require oversight by regulatory entities.