Edward Stepanski, PhD, participated in a panel discussion at the PMC (Personalized Medicine Coalition) Annual Meeting. The Data Dilemma: Fulfilling Expectations of Big Data in the Future of Personalized Medicine – There is consensus that the massive amounts of genomic, clinical, claims and other types of data could yield important insights for research and clinical care. But for years, obstacles around technical standards, interoperability, privacy and confidentiality, data security, and consent have been held up as daunting challenges that inevitably slowed progress. During this discussion, a panel of academic and industry experts will discuss their respective organizations’ strategies to obtain and analyze the data, including what has worked and what has not; the programs and processes that have led to the most productive data usage; examples of important knowledge that has been derived from data analysis; and the infrastructure they believe is needed to achieve fulfillment of the potential of big data in personalized medicine nationwide.

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